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Use Infrared thermography
Thermal vision
Proactive maintenance and Research

Use infrared thermography to locate, identify and analyse the true condition of your operating equipment, facilities and energy management.

Thermax-IR enables you to see how heat energy behaves.

Thermax-IR specialises in infrared thermography and thermal vision.

We provide condition monitoring and research services, using professional infrared cameras/radiometers.

Thermax-IR gives reliable insight into the health of your operating equipment. This supports your proactive and predictive maintenance functions.

For researchers, we provide high quality thermal data of your research subject under various thermal and environmental conditions. This supports your research projects.

We have 33 years of technical, diagnostic experience in infrared and industrial engineering. We provide additional support, with informed recommendations for corrective action drawn from years of experience across industries and equipment types.

Our unique and thorough diagnostic procedures ensure precise fault location and identification of the cause of the fault.

This is necessary to eliminate repeat faults and reporting of phantom faults.

Maintenance professionals and management rely on Thermax-IR to provide a customised service that is specific for their requirements. 

An archive of your equipment’s unique performance history is logged and referenced during the next inspection.

This helps maintenance professionals to assess, strategise and develop effective proactive maintenance programs. Innovators and academics use our infrared support for their research projects.

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Electrical inspection

Mechanical inspection

Firetube inspection

Refactory inspection

Pipeline & Lagging inspection

Tank & Vessel inspection

Cold Room insulation inspection

Building & Roof inspection

Research & Development

Enviroment & Wildlife inspection

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Thermax provides me with my annual furnaces inspection. Ian and his team are reliable, thorough, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with

Thumi G

After 15 continuous years, we wouldn’t skip our annual Thermax Infrared inspection


This service prevented a catastrophe!


Ian’s experience was made clear to me when he showed me that my previous supplier had been reporting phantom faults


Thermax really helps us to identify problems in our extruding machines


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Conform to SHEQ requirements (Safety, Health, Environment, Quality)

Reduce risk of explosion, fire and consequential damage

Avoid unexpected shutdowns

Extend the life of capital equipment

Save money

Reduce energy usage

Improve operations

Implement Proactive Maintenance

See heat patterns for analysis

Thermax gives you reliable insight into the health of your operating equipment,
and understanding heat behaviour for research analysis.

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Different condition monitoring technologies provide different insights to equipment health.

Diagnostic Engineers partners with Thermax-IR to provide a full range of diagnostic services and technical experience.

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PowerMax: Power quality anaylisis

MotorMax: Motor current analysis

UltraMax Electrical inspections: Using Ultrasound to detect corona, tracking and arcing on HT equipment

UltraMax Mechanical inspections: Ultrasound to detect gas & air leaks, leaking steam traps, bearing problems

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