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Use infrared thermography to locate, identify and analyse the true condition of your operating equipment, facilities and energy management.

What is thermography/thermal imaging and why is my insurance asking me to get them taken?

Thermography, also known as infrared thermography or thermal imaging, is a process that involves using a special camera to detect areas that are unusually hot or cold on an object or surface under normal operating conditions. It is a valuable technique for inspecting metallic materials and identifying corrosion without causing any damage.

Thermography has several practical applications. For example, it can be used to detect corrosion or erosion damage in industrial plants that operate at high temperatures. It is also useful for checking if pipes are clogged or blocked internally and for assessing the quality of refractory linings in various structures. Moreover, thermography can help in identifying leaks, changes in composition, and separations in layered materials.

In simpler terms, thermography uses a special camera to find areas that are hotter or colder than they should be on an object. This is helpful for detecting corrosion and other issues in high-temperature plants, checking for blockages in pipes, and assessing the condition of protective linings. It can also spot leaks, changes in materials, and separations in layered objects.


Our company Thermax infrared provides state of the art insights, into all your thermal imaging needs and with more than  33 years being industry leaders of technical, diagnostic experience in infrared thermal imaging and industrial engineering, we guarantee our customers get the most value for money using our services

Thermax-IR enables you to see how heat energy behaves.

Thermax-IR specialises in infrared thermography and thermal vision.

We provide condition monitoring of faults related to the machinery in your business, without causing damage to their components, using professional infrared cameras/radiometers.

Thermax-IR gives you, reliable insight into the health of your operating equipment. This allows your business to remain operational, by resolving the problems, before they cause unnecessary downtime of your equipment and ultimately loss of income.

Are you a researcher needing high quality thermal data? Here at Thermax IR, we cater to all your needs related to your study of thermography?

For researchers, we provide high-quality thermal data of your research subjects under various thermal and environmental conditions, in support of providing you with the highest quality data for your research projects.

Our unique and thorough diagnostic procedures ensure precise fault location and identification of the cause of the fault. This is necessary to eliminate repeat faults and reporting of phantom faults. Maintenance professionals and management rely on Thermax-IR to provide a customised service that is specific for their requirements. An archive of your equipment’s unique performance history is logged and referenced during the next inspection. This helps maintenance professionals to assess, strategies and develop effective proactive maintenance programs. Innovators and academics use our infrared support for their research projects.

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Thermax provides me with my annual furnaces inspection. Ian and his team are reliable, thorough, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with

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After 15 continuous years, we wouldn’t skip our annual Thermax Infrared inspection


This service prevented a catastrophe!


Ian’s experience was made clear to me when he showed me that my previous supplier had been reporting phantom faults


Thermax really helps us to identify problems in our extruding machines


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Conform to SHEQ requirements (Safety, Health, Environment, Quality)

Reduce risk of explosion, fire and consequential damage

Avoid unexpected shutdowns

Extend the life of capital equipment

Save money

Reduce energy usage

Improve operations

Implement Proactive Maintenance

See heat patterns for analysis

Thermax gives you reliable insight into the health of your operating equipment,
and understanding heat behaviour for research analysis.

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