What do I get?
How much does it cost?

The age-old dilemma, ‘Do I buy for the quality and reliability, or do I buy for the cheap price?’

Thermax does not provide cheap service, that’s the fact. We use every bit of our experience in each inspection. That’s 33 years (2018) of thermal vision experience to develop and perfect infrared-thermography inspection for a variety of equipment types.

Our method is thorough and minor details that can give clues to the cause of a problem are noted. This, combined with technical knowledge and an enquiring mind, ensures faults are correctly identified. Shoot and Shout habits are avoided; We Look. Think. And Link.

We can select our most appropriate IR camera (radiometer) for each type of job – this is a huge advantage.

Cutting time to reduce an inspection price may mean that only the obvious 40% of the faults are identified. The hidden indicators that show true equipment condition, are missed. These hidden indicators grow into unscheduled shutdowns and high costs for reactive maintenance.

Although the same meticulous inspection habits are applied during every inspection, Thermax-IR does offer different levels of reporting to suit your budget. See the below table for an easy to understand description of our reporting for Thermax-Infrared Firetube Inspection. Different levels attract different prices. Choose the reporting to suit your requirements.

It’s never worth the risk to buy cheap. If comparing prices, consider what value you are getting. This can be determined by the level of Skills, Knowledge and Experience that have been accumulated. Consider the value that flows in, not the cash that flows out.